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Reward Points

Reward points are our way of acknowledging our most loyal customers.

Every time you place an order on this website, you are given reward points for all the items that you buy. You receive one point for every USD that you spend.

Our currency is based on US Dollars, currency conversion is intended as a guide only, based on exchange rates from the past 24 hours. You will still be charged in USD. That's why there is a difference.


After you have placed an order and received some reward points, you can use them against your next order and receive a discount. When redeeming your reward points, each point is the equivalent of one cent. So two hundred points would give you a two dollars discount on your order.

You can check your current reward point balance at any time by logging onto your account. On the 'My Account' page you will be able to see how many reward points you have collected and how much that is worth.

KZFOO Reward Points

Using Your Points

When logged in, you can check how many points you have collected by going to the "My Account" area. A reminder is also given on the shopping cart page.

Use reward points when checkout

You must be logged in to earn and use your reward points.

When you are at your shopping cart, you will see the number of reward points you have available to spend below the cart's sub total. To use your points, simply enter the number you want to use in the box at the bottom of the shopping cart. If your order includes shipping, you need to make sure you deduct enough points to cover the shipping too ie. the Grand Total price.

Of course, you are not obliged to use your reward points every time you place an order. If you wish, you can let your points accrue over several orders, and then claim a larger discount on a subsequent order.

That's all, please feel free to contact us via if any questions.

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