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How to Order Glasses from KZFOO

Buying affordable glasses is easy when you order glasses online from KZFOO.

Step 1. Choose Your Frames

Purchasing eyeglasses online starts with choosing your frames.

Choose KZFOO Frames

Step 2. Choose Frame's Color and Size

Choose your color and then click "Select Lenses."

Select frame's color, size, and then select lenses.

Step 3. Select the Usage Requirement of Your Glasses.

For example, select "Distance".

Select the usage requirement of your glasses.

Step 4. Fill in Your Prescription.

Fill in your prescription, PD and age, then click "Confirm".

Fill in your prescription, PD and age.

Step 5. Select Lens Type.

Select lense type, for example, select "Blue Light Blocking" Lens.

Select Lense Type

Step 6. Select Lens Thickness.

Select lense thickness, for example, select "1.56 Blue Light Blocking Premium Lenses".

Select lens thickness

Step 7. Check Frame and Lens Details.

Check details and click "Checkout".

Check frame and lens details and checkout.

Step 8. Sign in or Continue as Guest.

Sign in or Continue as Guest, we recommend you to create an KZFOO account and sign in to checkout.

Sign in or Continue as Guest. 

Step 9. Enter Your Shipping Address.

Enter your shipping address and check it again and again to make sure it is correct.

Enter shipping address

Step 10. Select Shipping Method.

Select shipping method.

select shipping method

Step 11. Select Payment.

Select the payment and pay for your order.

Select the payment and pay for your order.

Where to find my orders?

Go to My Orders to check all of your orders.

Click "Checkout" button to complete the payment if you want to continue any one of the "waiting payment" orders.

That's all, please feel free to contact us via if any questions.

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