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How to Use Progressive Glasses?

It may take a few weeks to familiarise yourself with progressive lenses as they have different strength lenses incorporated into one frame.

The upper portions of your lenses are clear. As you lower your eyes, the magnification increases gradually allowing you to see better at different close-up distances.

Adapting to any new lenses requires a short adjustment period. The shortest and surest way to adapt is to stick with one design. Remove them temporarily if you feel you need a break. As you adapt, your eyes will begin to find the area of sharpest reading vision automatically.

At first, when you walk or move your head rapidly, objects to the side may appear to move slightly. This sensation will disappear quickly with continued use. Your progressive lenses have your distance, intermediate, and reading prescription all in one. You may find that walking down the stair is a bit difficult initially as the bottom of your lens is predominantly for the purpose of reading. It will get easier as you wear them more and your eyes start to get used to the lenses.

The lenses will provide the most natural vision possible and have all the adjustments for sight requires in one convenient lens.

How to use progressive glasses?

That's all, please feel free to contact us via if any questions.

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