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I would like to now the difference of wide medium and narrow glasses

Would I be able to get 1.56 standard lenses with a prescription of -3.25?

Updated At May 3, 2022

Lens Thickness

Lens Thickness

Lenses & Prescription

i was wondering
for the $5 1.56 standard lenses
would i be able to get them with a prescription of 3.25?
-3.25 sorry

Yes, but at that prescription, 1.56 standard lenses will be a little thicker and heavier.
So, you could pay an upgrade price of $20 for 1.60 Standard Lenses - Thin or $30 for 1.60 Blue Light Blocking Standard Lenses
Or you can just do the $5 ones. It's up to you. :)

ah okay!
and would the thin spheric thickness be okay for that prescription?

Yes, that would be just fine.

okay perfect :)
sorry for so many questions, but if one of my eyes has a lower prescription- -0.50- would i just get the thickness for the higher prescription? :)


great thank you so much!

It won't matter what materials the lower prescription is, but if you're worried about thickness in the higher, definitely get the thinner lens.
And you're very welcome. :)

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